I consulted Patrick for a problem with tinnitus in my right ear. Although my tinnitus did not completely vanish, it greatly diminished (80%) after only a few acupuncture sessions. One of the additional benefits of the acupuncture session is the deep feeling of relaxation, and also that my back problem almost disappeared.

I think I will continue to come to Patrick now and then after periods of stress to get my balance back.

Many of the health problems I experience (including tinnitus) are connected to deeper stress and acupuncture can really help in balancing back the energies in the body. Patrick is really delicate and precise. He makes a good evaluation of his patient’s health condition before starting and takes good time to listen to his patient and provide the right treatment. We really feel that he is into this practice to help the patient. He seems truly interested in healing.


Qigong is for me a form of slow, moving meditation, which connects the body to nature (earth and sky energies). After practicing a while with our wonderful teacher Patrick, I started to feel a deep connection with my surroundings, especially the Earth energy. I became more conscious of my body in space and how I stand with my feet on the ground.

Each QiGong session leads to deep rest and feeling in contact with the higher Self.

I really enjoyed the guidance that Patrick provided: serene and humble, delicate and strong at the same time. Patrick clearly has a great passion for Qigong and has a lot of related knowledge (acupuncture) which complements his Qigong instructions. He also creates a pleasant group synergy and always provides social gatherings at the end of the practice.