Qigong brings well-being to your employees and improves their performance.

Do you want a mindful, relaxing and ergonomic activity during a training day or a particular event in your company? Or do you want staff in good shape, improved alertness, and with better stress management? Multiple studies show that investing in the well-being of your staff and employees pays off consistently in the form of improved efficiency, focus and results.

Qi Gong offers effective and beneficial tools for the balance and development of each individual, and thereby for the success of your entire company.

My suggestion in a few points would be:

Exercises that increase energy and focus,

allowing you to get the most out of your presence at work.

A moment of pause

that allows you to recharge your batteries after too much mental effort.

The application of ancestral techniques

which act on the flexibility and availability of your body.

An approach to ergonomics

by working on posture and body awareness.

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